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Mar 5 2015, 12:37 PM
i defs think this is what is happening right now.

ive been super busy lately, and i cant cognitively put together the steps to post or to do things around the site. theres basically only one thing i want to rp these days and while ive been able to help bad end in the midst of obsessions this time i literally just dont have time to. im using up all my energy in school and even then ive been missing classes left and right. its just. not good.

so while this isnt a hiatus (because the board would be over if i went on hiatus), its definitely a notice of the board continuing to move slower and slower. im considering putting bad end on hiatus for a while, just so people can recuperate from all the stuff theyre doing and i can revamp and think about what i want to do with this place when i have time. but right now im way too tired and overstimulated to do much work here. im really sorry, guys. ):
Feb 23 2015, 05:42 PM
Monthly announcements time!

1. The AC closed just a little bit ago. However, even if you didn't post in it, I probably will not delete your account unless you no longer exist on the board in any capacity.

2. There's been a rule change, and you can find it in the rules thread in the introduction board. We now have an age limit for the site, securing Bad End in strictly adult territory. Quoting it here:
    "Due to the fact that we are unrated, we ask members to be eighteen (18) years of age or older, and require members to be sixteen (16) years of age or older. We obviously have no way of monitoring this, as anyone can lie about their age on the internet - however. A vast majority of us on this site are adults, and over twenty (20) years old. While we are from all over the world so it is hard to say what exactly is the legal shit with having NSFW here, in the UK the age of consent is 16. We don't want to go any younger than that, and would in fact rather everyone be 18+. Keep in mind if you do decide to register and you are younger than that, by being on a site where NSFW things can take place there is a possibility you can get the adults you're with in trouble. And many adults would not be comfortable roleplaying heavy things around a minor, anyway, let alone with. Please keep this in mind if you choose to lie to get in."

3. Activity has been really... really quiet. After the boom in late January, people got caught up with shitty stuff this last February and activity has dwindled down again. A large majority of the site is on complete hiatus. That's okay! People need to take all the time they need when they need to. This downward mood swing has affected a lot of people who all need time off, which is cool. As a result, there will be no OTMs this month, and Activity Checks are hereby postponed until activity picks up again. Please don't fret, I'm sure Bad End will come back in full swing in due time, but for now, we're accepting it's going to be quiet and letting people move at their own pace.

That's it for announcements this month. It's short, but that's all that's necessary to say at the moment. Take care, everyone!
Feb 15 2015, 02:59 PM
Hey guys, it's that time again - time for the monthly AC! I know it's been a quiet start to February, but we've gotta keep these moving anyway. You have until February 22nd 11:59 PM USA Central Time to get in three IC posts. All posts you made after the 22nd of January count towards this AC - but none before.

Please post in the AC unless you're on the exempt list, even if you haven't made any posts, so you can keep your OOC account! Please list all of the WIP accounts you have as well, so I don't accidentally delete those. If you think you should be on the exempt list, please message me! February has been really hard for people, so I don't mind adding you to the list if you don't feel like you can make three posts in time for the end of the check. The list of exempt is based on people who have made hiatus notices recently, so if you have not made a hiatus notice but have been conspicuously absent, that's probably why you're not accounted for. A quick message my way should solve the problem no sweat.


Fill out the following form and respond to the check within the time allotted. Thanks!

[b]Characters to Keep:[/b]
[b]Characters to Drop:[/b]
[b]Last Three Posts:[/b] please include links!
[b]Anything else we should know?:[/b]
Feb 2 2015, 11:31 AM
Poll closes February 9th, 11:59 USA Central time.
    You can only vote once, no switching accounts to garner more votes either. Please vote for the ICC event you think should win the OTM for January. If you were not present for the listed events, you can always consult the ICC log forum, character thread trackers, or another member for a recap.
Feb 2 2015, 11:29 AM
Poll closes February 9th, 11:59 USA Central time.
    You can only vote once, no switching accounts to garner more votes either. Please vote for the thread you think should win the OTM for January. Reading all of the threads to get a good idea of the choices is highly recommended!
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