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Dec 29 2014, 04:07 PM
Winter, Year 1. January 4th.
    Wadanohara stood on the edge of the beach, one hand on her hat so it wouldn't fly away in the chilly January wind. While it wasn't as terribly cold as the tundra where Tatsumiya lived now, it was clearly winter, and the sea was cold, colder than she was used to. Her new leggings - given to her for Christmas - sparkled just a tiny bit in the early afternoon light, and she felt snug and warm and excited.

    She hadn't hung out with anybody in so long - especially not anybody her age! Touko was always busy nowadays, writing and stuff, and hanging around that Togami fellow that she hadn't fully met yet. Idate didn't really count, he was an adult and hanging out with her basically-mom all the time. And Samekichi was gone, he'd been gone for a long time now, and the grief felt like an anchor in her heart, like all the sparkling ones on her hat.

    But. That was okay. She'd waited and grieved a long time. She could wait a little longer.

    And she could have fun, too.

    Anise was going to love what she'd found - here, here, of all places! Seeing it again made her heart sparkle with hope that maybe more things were coming around and more people might be saved. It was a good find, the place she'd found.

    But she had to wait, wait, because Anise couldn't breathe underwater (yet), so on the beach she stood, watching the huge cottony winter clouds drift by and listening to the stray call of a gull or two.
Oct 19 2014, 11:41 AM
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Sep 29 2014, 06:17 PM

"I love this sea!"

Canon: Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea.
Alignment: Lawful Good. Wadanohara is a sweet girl, but extremely traditional and a rule-follower. She wants to believe everyone is just as honest and good as she is.
Age: Fourteen. I'm going to set her age in the original game as twelve, but a few years have passed since then because of the canon ending.
Gender: Female.
Species: Witch.
Aliases: Wadda, the Sea Witch.
Banner Quote: --
Banner Picture: THIS.


So. Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea! An interesting game. I like it a lot. The music is wonderful, the concepts are cool, the setting is charming, and even when things get horrific, it feels like a kid's nightmare. It's neat and pretty unique, and gives off a really nostalgic feeling. In short, I feel like it's at least somewhat worth playing.


Aside from some seriously problematic sexual stuff, there's a huge problem:

All of the characters are flat.

Every. Single. One.

The dialogue isn't good - it's often so inarticulate that big plot points aren't explained very well, or so bare bones that it's like reading a poorly written story. The characters are tropey. Main characters get very little development, even Samekichi and Wadda herself. The cast is huuuuge, containing a lot of cameo characters from the creator's other stuff, often more obscure - so things can get confusing. Due to the shortness of the game, this expansive cast is very rarely given the character development it deserves. The NPCs are so boring they may as well not exist. Wadanohara herself is very clearly meant to be this sweet innocent loli (ew) type, and not much more than that. There is no getting around it. The character development in this game sucks ass. I personally never thought I would ever roleplay anything from it, and just have to explore stuff in fanfiction, because it's that bad.

But man, does this game have so much fucking potential. And I love Wadanohara - especially what she could be, if given space to breathe and grow outside of that ridiculous love story and all the awful shit the creator puts her through for what seems little more than shits and giggles.

I needed to get that out of the way before talking about this personality, because for the life of me I can't figure out a good way to start because a lot of the time it feels like I could just say "she's a nice girl, the end" because that's clearly what the creator was going for. But I don't want just that. There's so much more that can be done with her. It's just difficult, because of the little development we were given in the game.

So, enough about that long - yet vital - introduction, and more onto Wadda herself.

Wadanohara tries hard. At everything she does. She's got a lot to live up to; her father sacrificed himself for the sake of peace in the ocean they live in. She's an heiress to protect it. She's got a lot riding on her shoulders, all right? Protecting the Princess, going out to heal the Moonstones... she can't be much older than thirteen when she does all this stuff. Wadda is literally a child when she faces the Sea of Death head on. She possesses a strength for her age that goes beyond her childlike appearance and mannerisms. When faced with staying down because it's easier or forcing herself up to keep walking, Wadda will choose to keep on walking every time.

That's because there's so much outside of herself that's important to her. She makes friends in the most unlikely of places - eccentric witches with shady pasts, casual mercenaries with bills to pay that might end up on the opposite side, orcas on strolls with particularly violent streaks. There's no denying it - this is a girl that's easy to love.

It's not because she demands love, either. Wadanohara does not desire love. Like, obviously, it's nice to be loved, and to have people that loves her - but she doesn't think that, just because she's a nice girl, that people HAVE to love her or anything. She loves other people by the virtue of the fact that they exist, and she knows not everyone can be like that. In terms of love, Wadanohara is very selfless; she is capable of giving her life up for the love she has for other people, as determined by Normal End 2.

But that kind of selflessness isn't always healthy. After all, she's just a little girl, and she's willing to die for the people she cares about. That's some heavy shit for someone of her age and stature. She needs to learn a thing or two from Duck, who has long since realized that caring about other people doesn't mean you have to throw everything away for them - you're allowed to hang onto yourself, and in fact, it's healthy to do so.

Wadda's also got this bad baaaaad habit of never talking about something when it's bothering her. She'll just keep smiling, but it's not like an Aerith smile - who never has to force cheerfulness because she can always find something to be cheerful about - but way more of a "I don't want to bring the people around me down, so I'm going to keep smiling even I'm thinking a lot and I'm hurting on the inside." It's different than a Duck smile as well, who even when she's upset tries really hard to find something to be positive about, when instead Wadda is just... wallowing, but doesn't want people to know about it. That's not a very good idea; it very much paints her as the martyr suffering in silence, when her friends - by virtue of the fact that they care about her - deserve to know when she's upset. She finally opens up to Fukami at the very end of the game that she thinks all of everything that happened is her fault, because she didn't try hard enough.

Due to her status, Wadda's a perfectionist. When things go wrong, she has a tendency to blame herself - mostly to her not trying hard enough. Sometimes things can't be fixed by just her and her alone, and she does the best she can, and she needs to accept that's good enough. She's on her way there, but... y'know.

Still, despite these flaws, Wadda's a nice kid. Unlike a certain meddlesome empath, Wadda doesn't go out of her way to help someone she perceives as sad - she knows when to keep her distance. She often very rarely knows how to approach them because, even though she's honest and kind and hard-working, Wadda iiiiis not a people person, despite the sheer amount of people that like her. She's never quite sure what's just the right thing to say, especially when someone is distressed; but she wants to help to the best of her ability, and if that means keeping her distance, she's totally fine with it. She's awkward and bumbling, but always asks "what's wrong?" instead of trying to make assumptions about them.

This is because Wadda is bad - very bad - at reading people. Someone has to really LOOK physically upset for her to perceive that they're unhappy. Even when people straight up tell her "I feel this way about you," she has a lot of room to misinterpret it. She is downright oblivious at the worst of times. She doesn't read other people's cues very easily - everything from body language to inflections to this or that, all of that can be really lost on her. She is VERY easily duped and lied to because of this, because she wants to believe the best of people, because she can't tell when someone is lying and when they aren't because she's so socially unaware and unobservant, because she takes so much at direct face value. She thinks a lot, which is true. But as much love as she has for the world around her, and as good as she is at honestly and fully showing her love at every turn, she is just not good at reading people. Even sensitive and kindhearted Wadda can seem unsympathetic at times, but that's literally because she can't tell if someone is upset.

In the years since Samekichi's absence, she's gotten slightly more observant and mature about how she deals with her issues - but she still keeps a lot to herself, and still considers herself duty-bound to protect the sea and everything that lives in it. She is a young girl shouldering a mountain of responsibility, while dealing with the grief of losing a loved one. She smiles a lot, and it's not fake all of the time - but it is fake in enough places to cause worry.

And Wadanohara is a little worrywart, too. She gets worried about other people and the state of things very easily, even if she's not the most perceptive of people.

(Also: lack of perceptiveness =/= stupidity. She's a smart girl. She just doesn't have very good people skills.)

One of Wadanohara's problems is she often does what she's told without question. She's very respectful of authority - or anybody, really, and because she can't tell a lie or see manipulations very clearly, she'll do something someone tells her to do without thinking twice about. Sure, some gut instinct will get worried - but Wadda's very good at ignoring her gut instincts and not taking as good of note of the red flags she gets. Instinctually, she's actually quite perceptive - she just ignores her instincts a lot of the time, falling back on "well this is what i have to do" and "nah there's nothing wrong because that would suck."

She's a dreamy girl, often in her own world and thinking about her own stuff, playing music or reminiscing or just watching the moon. She's such a sensitive thing. Often, other people paint her as more childlike than she actually is; she was always blamed for losing her ocarina and being generally clumsy and scatterbrained, and while she is both of those things, she would never so carelessly completely lose something that important to her. It was revealed Fukami was actually the one taking her ocarina and hiding it from her, so she wasn't losing it in the first place - but blaming her for it encourages her own perceptions of herself as forgetful and clumsy, so things sort of become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

One thing's for sure, though - she's definitely not as innocent as she once was.

Some Wadda facts: she is absolutely teeny-tiny. She is four foot three inches tall - 130 centimeters. That is really really short. Wadda also really enjoys bird watching, and ducks are her favorite animals. Music is her hobby, because it reminds her of the father she never knew, and she has a particular talent for it; her ocarina, which is very important to her, was a gift from Samekichi.

Man I feel like there's more I could say about this character but I'mma stop there.

Roleplay Sample: --
History: Please, always remain who you are. Let nothing stain you, nothing take you away.

Here's some stuff that the wiki doesn't explain, SPOILERS AHEAD if you want to play the game for yourself (it only takes like 10 hours, probably less):
  • The setting of Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea is mostly the ocean, the peaceful kingdom ruled by the strangely silent Princess Uomi with this kind of creepy stare. The fish in her hair does all the talking for her. The deal with Uomi is that she actually had a sister, Mikotsu, but the sea king chose Uomi for his heir. Mikotsu got jealous as fuck and tried to wage war against Uomi. Part of sealing Mikotsu away meant that Uomi had to go to sleep. So, for the first half of the game, Uomi isn't just staring at everyone silently - she is, in fact, sleeping. So is Mikotsu.
  • Wadanohara is the daughter of the witch Lord Meikai and... the Moon. Meikai himself is also said to be the sea itself. So, she's the daughter of the moon and the sea. I don't know how it happened. Nobody does.
  • Wadanohara was hatched from an egg.
  • Okay.
  • At some point before she hatched, Meikai sacrificed himself to save the sea from Princess Mikotsu and the Sea of Death. How this occurred: the spell that he used would create a barrier around the regular sea, protected by six different Moonstones, and this giant ass pearl. The power behind this spell caused him to die.
  • Soooo Wadanohara was brought up by Tatsumiya, Meikai's old familiar. (Witches all have "animal" familiars. The cool thing about animals in this game is literally every single one of them have an anthropomorphic form as well, which is why almost everyone looks human-ish. There is a family of lobsters. The dad is an anthro lobster. The daughter is also an anthro lobster. The mom is a literal giant lobster. None of them are treated any differently for it. this game is turning me into a furry and im afraid)
  • Wadda herself has a few familiars: Fukami, the squid/cephalopod; Memeco, the seagull; Dolphi, the.... dolphin; and Samekichi, the shark. Before she went off to go meet the Great Witch and get witch training, she and Samekichi were bffs and he had romantic feelings for her. Because she doesn't understand body language and isn't very good at reading between the lines, Wadda didn't figure this out. He gave her an ocarina because she's very musical and couldn't take her piano on the boat.
  • At some point before she left, one of Princess Uomi's advisors - Sal the dolphin (okay tv tropes said he was disguising himself as a salmon but that fucker looks like a fucking dolphin okay) - approached Wadanohara and they went out for a swim or something. He took her to the ancient ruins where he revealed that he is actually a shark in disguise, has a Thing for her and was also a traitor to Princess Uomi - an agent of the Sea of Death and Princess Mikotsu, and he wanted Wadanohara to join him. So he set out to steal this sacred sword that I literally forgot the plot importance of because it only shows up like twice and isn't explained very well. Samekichi shows up, and tries to save Wadda - but Sal wipes Wadda's memories of the incident so she won't blab and tells Samekichi he'll make him out to be the traitor.
  • Cool fact from the bonus room: Sal and Samekichi are actually twins. Go figure.
  • So Wadanohara left to go train for a bit in the witch world with no memory of the incident.
  • When she came back to the sea, Samekichi distanced himself from her and became hostile, telling her to go away. It didn't work; she came back, and learned that apparently the Tosatsu Kingdom (a kingdom of, get this, bunny people) was attacking them. So she had to go fix the Moonstones that were somehow broken. Sal, disguised again, gave her a pearl ring - so that when she cast the charm to fix them, she actually ended up breaking them more, but it wasn't apparent at the time.
  • Blah blah blah, she comes back, there's a celebration for their safety. The Moonstones all break at once, and the Tosatsu Kingdom invades. After some scary bunny shit, the real reason for this war is revealed: that Princess Tosatsu got a really nasty letter from Princess Uomi. Except... it wasn't real. It was faked by Sal. This was all just an excuse to distract everyone, break the Moonstones, and wake up Uomi, so that the Sea of Death could enter.
  • Mikotsu leads the denizens of death against Uomi's kingdom, and the sea gets all nightmarish and horrifying and it's kind of cool. Wadanohara faces off against Sal for the last time, with Samekichi joining her - the truth having all been cleared up, and all her memories returned. There are a couple of endings from this point on, but I'm going to focus on the canon one.
  • They don't manage to kill Sal - he gets away with the sword. After confessing their love for each other, Samekichi follows Sal into the Sea of Death, probably to never return. Wadanohara - depressed and dejected - decides to protect the sea as best as she can, and while she's still a sweet girl, she becomes more mature and quiet and sad.
  • To this day, years later, she still waits for Samekichi.
  • (At the very end of the canon ending, he shows up again, but I'm taking Wadda before he reappears in her life. 2sad.)

  • SEA WITCH - This is what Wadda is! Besides her clear cut spells, she can also do a bunch of other, random magic. Her father's blood also allows her to heal the Moonstones. She can breathe and live underwater without the pressure killing her, and also not be extremely sopping wet because of it. That's another thing. Also she's the daughter of the moon as well, so she's got some spooky moon powers. Here is a list of her spells:

    Healing Tone (I, II, III) - Healing spells. I is the weakest, III is the strongest. I can only heal one person, while III heals all allies in battle. Obviously the more powerful the spell, the more energy it takes to cast.

    ★Normal Spell - A normal attack spell that hits one.

    ★Sea Spell (I, II, III) - Spells that call on the power of the sea to attack with, hitting one at a time. Just Healing Tone, the level indicates how powerful the spell is and how much energy it takes.

    ★Anchor Attack - Magically drops a heavy ass anchor on an enemy.

    ★Anchor Explosion - Summons up a bunch of anchors which then EXPLODE and hit a large number of enemies on the field.

    ★Semaphore Spell - Casts a spell on an enemy using a technique called 'semaphore' - by signaling things with... flags. It's the most random shit idfk

    ★Magical☆Helm - Hits a single target with a magical helm.

    ★Wish on the Moon - A powerful, single-target spell that calls on the power of the moon to help.

    ★Moonlight Seashine - A very powerful, all-target spell that calls on the combined power of the moon and sea.
  • MUSIC - Wadanohara is a wonderful musician, playing both piano and ocarina beautifully. Doing so reminds her of the things and the people that are important to her.
  • BROOMSTICK - What witch would be complete without their broom? She can use it to fly around and stuff, it's nifty and useful as hell.
  • LITTLE GIRL - Just as much of a psychological weakness as it is a physical one, Wadanohara is still a kid for having seen so much. Also, being really fucking short can count as a weakness in some situations.
  • [JOKE ABOUT PSYCHE LIGHTLY TAPPING SOMEONE'S FACE] - While she's got a lot of magic at her disposal, physically, Wadda couldn't hurt a fly. She probably wouldn't even want to.
  • OBLIVIOUSNESS - Explained at length in her personality. She believes people tell the truth until proven otherwise.
  • PERFECTIONISM / A LOT TO LIVE UP TO / PENCHANT FOR MARTYRDOM - Exactly what it says on the label. She's quick to blame herself when things go wrong, and go to extreme lengths to make them right again.
  • WILLINGNESS TO FOLLOW THE RULES - Wadanohara follows customs, traditions, and authorial decrees to a tee. This is out of respect, mostly, and also because she's comfortable with the routine, but it can land her in trouble.
  • DEPRESSED & GRIEVING - She's got it baaaaaad right now. Accentuated by the fact that she always tries to smile, but... doesn't always mean it.

Player Name: Ren.
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