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Jan 22 2015, 10:01 PM
January 22

It seemed like she felt it, when the Farplane reappeared.

You'll uhhhh... Be all right on your own. Right?

Tidus wasn't wrong to worry. They hadn't seen a single Fiend in this World yet, and maybe without Sin souls never became Fiends at all. Yuna would be very happy if no one here ever needed a sending to help them move on. They'd been safe in their little huts by the sea, so far, but the Farplane felt...well, far off. And they'd both agreed that it was safer for Tidus not to go. Just...on the off-chance that being near the Farplane was...unhealthy, for him.

I'll be okay. Don't worry. I'll text you.

Yuna had been worried that the arrival of the Farplane might also mean the arrival of Fiends, but she'd really had an uneventful trip here. And...a very lonely one. It felt...wrong, to be making this trip without her Guardians. Yes, she'd agreed Tidus couldn't come. But Lulu should have been here, and Wakka, and Kimahri. It felt almost like she was on a pilgrimage again, but that the ending when she reached her destination...might not be her own.

The portal had been easy to find, once she'd gotten near enough. The smell of the Farplane was one Yuna would never forget. She hesitated before the portal, hand drifting up to curl over her chest, as if it could slow her pounding heart. The back of her throat felt choked; it was one thing to know she would never see Spira again, but somehow having this one piece left over made it so much more poignant. Reminding her what had been lost.

She remembered Tidus in the ruins of Zanarkand, pressing forward with them despite how much it must have cost him to see it like that. She remembered that night of stories around the campfire, with the end of their journey in sight. She remembered her Guardians, together for one last night of laughter and comfort before they had to face whatever would be coming in the morning.

She screwed up her courage, and stepped through the portal.

The sight of the Farplane took her breath away. It had always been beautiful, but here and now, so far from a home she would never see again, it seemed like it reached into her and touched her heart, filling it with comfort, and with nostalgia. She felt the first warm tears run down her cheeks. Yuna didn't walk, so much as drift, feet touching the ground so softly they made no sound. Pyreflies swirled around her, nearly brushed her as they passed. She closed her eyes and let them.

Yuna wasn't ready yet, to know if her Guardians were really gone for good. She wasn't. So she didn't think of any of them. She came to a stop in the center, tilted her head back and turned her palms outward and breathed.
Oct 28 2014, 02:16 AM
When she'd said she'd come running, Yuna hadn't been kidding at all.

It seemed like an eternity that Yuna'd been looking for him now. She knew it had only been two weeks, judging by the date on her conversation with Zidane, but it felt so much longer than that. Every day, she'd come into the city to search for Tidus, but this city was so large and she'd hardly had time, with all the other things that needed doing. Like constructing a shelter, and making nets to catch fish, and all the other day-to-day tasks that went into trying to build some kind of reliable livelihood. The business of survival only left her with a few hours a day to search, and she'd gotten nowhere. She couldn't even be really sure, before now, that that name belonged to Tidus at all. Zidane hadn't remembered what the owner looked like well enough to know. She could have been chasing phantasms for all she knew. But she still had to look. She still had to hope.

And then she'd gotten his message.

Yuna didn't know if she'd ever run so fast before in her life. Her body was definitely not used to pushing itself this way; not to imply that she wasn't fit, or that she was unused to exertion. It was just that Yuna had to fly, and she only had her feet to do it. Her feet pounded on the hard streets, breath coming in harsh pants, and there was a stitch in her side, but still she kept pushing. 22nd and Main. The building with the Machina. She knew where that was, she thought. She had to.

And there was the whistle.

Yuna nearly tripped. The sound stopped her heart in her chest, it felt like, just for a moment. Everybody whistled, and yet it seemed like a sound that didn't belong to this world. She paused to catch her breath, to figure out where the sound was coming from. And then she was off again. It guided her along, one whistle at a time, one foot in front of the other--

Until she burst around a corner, and there he was. Standing up on top of a pole that did not look at all safe, fingers in his mouth and whistle piercing her ears, and he was real.

And Yuna stopped, shoulders and chest heaving for air, and no words left in her mouth.
Oct 13 2014, 10:32 PM
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Oct 7 2014, 05:09 PM

Gone. Gone. It was all gone. All of Spira, their entire world. Her family, and her friends. Everything Yuna had worked so hard to protect. After everything they'd gone through, to end the cycle of Sin's destruction. All the sacrifices they had made, all the pain the people of Spira had finally been relieved of. How had Yuna been so naive? To believe that they'd managed to break the cycle. To believe Spira was finally free.

...No. Not naive. Hopeful. And hope sprung eternal.

So then. All Yuna had managed was another Calm. But was that really so awful? If...if the world was bound to end no matter what, it was better that the people had had some time to feel free, wasn't it? Maybe...they hadn't kept Spira safe forever. But thanks to them, the people of Spira had had some happiness. Even if...even if it didn't last.

--Like Zanarkand--

But now Yuna was alone. She'd...never been alone before. Not really. When she lost her father, Kimahri was there to pick up where he'd left off. And there was Lulu, and Wakka... Even on her pilgrimage, Yuna'd had family by her side all along. But they weren't here now; maybe they would never be.

--Though Yuna would hope--

But Yuna wasn't the first to have to endure this. It was going to be hard. Yuna knew that. But...she would get by, wouldn't she? Just like...just like Tidus had, and Sir Jecht before him. They'd...come to Spira much the same way, hadn't they? It...wasn't so different. Yuna would...follow their example. And the voice had said she was needed. So at least...Yuna knew who she was, at least a little. She would get up and keep moving.

In...just a little while. The sand was warm under her legs and between her toes, and the water was cool as it lapped up over her bare feet. She'd put her boots back on and explore soon. In...a while.
Sep 26 2014, 11:46 PM

"I want my journey to be filled with laughter."

Canon: Final Fantasy X
Alignment: Lawful Good - Yuna is a kind and compassionate young woman who is devoted not just to the cause of righteousness, but to a strict moral code as well. Yuna respects the laws that dictate correct behavior and good manners in her world, and only rejects a rule when it's proven to be unjust. She is no good at lying, only able to do so to preserve the role she's been given (i.e. she can lie with a smile to hide sorrow, but this is the only time she is even a little successful at deception). Though she does reject Yevon's laws and begin to trust her own judgement more, Yuna does still believe in the importance of guiding systems; she just also believes the people should have the strongest say in what those systems are. She is still highly respectful of social position.
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Half human, half Al Bhed
Aliases: Lady Yuna, Yunie, Braska's Daughter
Banner Quote: The road is ahead of us, so let's start out today.
Banner Picture: This maybe


Personality/Analysis: Yuna is soft-spoken and demure, but she is far from weak. Having grown up in the public eye, Yuna knows she must always be aware of her image. Since the age of seven, Yuna has been a public figure, and the importance of this has long been impressed upon her, as well as the importance of maintaining a positive air and a pleasant outer face. As a result, Yuna always carefully considers her words, never acting or even speaking without making absolutely certain of the consequences. She is very aware that what she says and does carries weight, and that she isn't free to be reckless or thoughtless as others might be. Her people are depending on her to be the Summoner they need, and she has a deep understanding and respect for the importance of her position to them.

Yuna doesn't consider her behavior so deeply only for appearances, however. Deeply principled, it's tantamount to Yuna that her behavior reflects her values. She is willing to put aside her own happiness and her own future for the good of her people, but she needs to make certain that the things she's choosing to do actually will benefit the world at large, and actually are consistent with her morals. Yuna therefore doesn't rush into anything. She carefully considers her options before she makes a decision, weighing the pros and cons and taking time to be certain she's making the right one.

Though Yuna is highly principled, willful, and strong, she is not stubborn. When her beliefs are challenged, she does not instantly become defensive. Instead, she examines the things she believes and considers whether those beliefs are true in the face of the new information. Yuna lives for others, and so Yuna always considers the things that are said to her. She isn't easily pliable, however, and if she decides that her original principle was correct, she will stand firm in support of it. When Yuna believes something, she believes it fully and passionately, and she has the willpower and drive to see anything through.

Though it's true Yuna has long had to set aside her own needs for the good of others, Yuna never resents this position. Yuna has a deep love of the people of Spira and considers it a joy and an honor to serve them. Her compassion is deep and abiding, making up the core of who she is. She loves her friends and family just as deeply, and she strives to make the world better and happier for them and Spira in equal measure. Despite the grim ending to her mission, Yuna is a person filled with joy and hope. Her fervent desire is to bring that joy and hope to all those she loves, to her entire world. She wishes her journey to be filled with laughter, because that's the world she's working towards. Though she expected to die at the end of her journey, she doesn't want it to be sadder than it has to be.

In summary, Yuna is a young woman of strength and great heart. She loves deeply and fully, and bettering the lives of others brings her genuine joy and a deep sense of personal fulfillment. She feels great compassion for others, but she also will not be bullied or manipulated by anyone who seeks to exploit her compassion. Like the stillness of a river hides the current beneath, Yuna's quiet and demure exterior hides great strength; the strength to overthrow Spira's cycle of death and destruction and bring about a new world of life and hope.

Roleplay Sample:

Rikku went home. It's... a little lonely without her. Things are quieter now; like they were before. Just me and Kimahri, and Lulu and Wakka too. It's...surprising, how hard it is to...readjust. After everything that happened, going back to a normal life seems... strange. Oh, but there are plenty of pilgrims, so things are never boring! Every day is still filled with new things.

It's... taking awhile for everyone to get used to peace. Everyone is so used to bracing themselves, waiting for the next appearance of Sin. Not that I'm complaining! Not at all; I'm so happy that the people of Spira are free now, and Sin can never disrupt their lives again. It's just...I guess you can't move on from these things overnight. Maybe some of us will always be looking over our shoulders. But that's alright. It's important to remember, too. So that something like Sin never happens again.

And I'm... getting used to it, too. I didn't think... I'd be surviving my pilgrimage, so I never...really thought about what kind of life I'd want. It was...easier, that way. I was happy, deciding to become a Summoner. I didn't want to regret it, so I...didn't think about what I would do if I'd made a different decision. But now I have to, and I'm so happy for the chance. But at the same time... it's going to take a long time, I think. I need to decide who I'll be, now that I'm no longer a Summoner. There are so many choices now that it's a little overwhelming.

But I day, I'd like to journey again. Not on a pilgrimage this time; just to see the world. There were so many things that I didn't get to really enjoy; we were in such a hurry that we barely got to see most of the sights! I'd like to retrace my steps, with Kimahri and Lulu and Wakka, and Rikku too if she'll come. It...won't be the same, without you and Sir Auron, but... I think it would be nice. A journey full of laughter. To remember.

We'll see...everything with fresh eyes. All the places we went together; we'll pet Chocobos on the Mi'Ihen Highroad, ride the Shoopuf and see the Moonflow at night. We'll spend some time in Macalania, just to look at the trees. I'll bring gifts for the temples, this time. And maybe...we'll even visit Zanarkand again.

I wonder... If I visited the Farplane, would I see you there? And...if I didn't. Would that make me happy...or sad? I can't decide. Maybe that's why I'm not ready to go yet.

But...someday. I...have plenty of time!

History: HERE (only FFX canon, not including FFX-2)



Curaga - Using white magic, Yuna is able to heal herself or other people around her considerably. It can't heal fatal wounds, but it's good for setting bones and plugging up holes.

Nul(element) - Yuna can cast a protective aura on herself or others to avoid damage from an elemental attack. She can defend against fire, water, thunder, or ice, but each elemental protection must be cast one at a time, and are only good for absorbing one attack. If she casts Nulshock once and her opponent casts Fire, or they cast Thunder twice in a row, someone's leaving the fight extra crispy.

Esuna - Cures negative status effects. Yuna can use this to help someone who's been poisoned, magically blinded, confused, and most other magical ailments. It can't help you if you're cursed or a zombie, however.

Reflect - What it says on the tin; Yuna is able to cast a shield that will reflect whatever magic is thrown at someone back on their opponent. This can be a double-edged sword, however, as casting Curaga on an ally with Reflect on will just cause Yuna to heal their opponent while her or her ally go unhealed.

Dispel - Removes long-lasting magical effects. For when someone has Reflect on them but Yuna wants to get her heal on, for example. She can also use it on enemies.

Fira - Learned from her Guardian and honorary older sister, Lulu, this is the one Black Magic spell Yuna has in her arsenal. While she is a powerful mage, black magic is more difficult to her, so she's only mastered this mid-strength fire spell.

Holy - Yuna's only offensive White Magic spell, but does this one ever pack a punch. Yuna calls down spheres of holy light to pound her enemy into paste. This spell is exhausting to use, though, so spamming it would be a terrible idea.

Life - On living beings, this spell only rouses someone from unconsciousness. It isn't capable of bringing the dead back to life. Undead characters should watch out, though, as it will bring them some serious hurt.

Aeon Summoning - In theory, Yuna is qualified to be a Summoner, and a powerful one at that. Unfortunately, to defeat Sin, Yuna gave up all of the Aeons that she had gained, so as of right now, she is unable to summon at all. This may, however, change at some point.

Sending - As a Summoner, one of Yuna's responsibilities is to see that the souls of the dead find rest. By dancing the Sending, Yuna is able to send restless souls on to the Farplane, where spirits reside after death. She can do this even if the spirit is unwilling to leave; however, she has to complete the entire dance for it to be effective. If she's interrupted, the spirit won't go anywhere.

Equipment: Nirvana Rod - Yuna's Celestial Weapon, empowered by the Moon Crest and Moon Sigel. It allows her to cast magic with a low cost, preventing Yuna from exhausting herself too quickly.


Physically weak - Yuna may be a powerful mage, but her blows don't make much of a dent in enemies. She's not capable of more than an unpleasant smack with her rod, more likely to disorient and then annoy than cause any real damage. Yuna is also at risk of being carried off by people bigger and stronger than her, which is most people, assuming Yuna doesn't scorch their faces off first.

Mortal - Yuna is very, very mortal and not particularly hardy. It's a good idea for Yuna to avoid fights if she can; while her magic offers her some protection and she's very able to heal herself to a degree, she'd be better off avoiding physical conflicts entirely if possible.

Reliant on Magic - As Yuna's smacks are little and wimpy, and with her Aeons gone, Yuna relies almost entirely on her magic to protect herself. If she were magically incapacitated or silenced, Yuna would become very easy pickings indeed.

Secretive - Yuna is always very concerned about the good of others around her, and as a result, Yuna tends to take on burdens and then try to bear them alone by hiding them. This can end up with her in situations over her head; Yuna may have learned a little better on her pilgrimage, but she still has a knee-jerk tendency to pretend nothing is wrong instead of asking for help.


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