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Jan 28 2015, 01:37 PM
January 28

New environments were coming into being in the World at a nearly alarming rate. Not that it was inherently alarming for creation to occur; rather, the sudden increase of the rate of new creation seemed to indicate a change within the parameters of the World's operation. And some areas had simply disappeared as though they had never been. Naturally, Aya had immediately set out to record the changes.

Aya had been relieved to see two of the new environments already populated with non-human entities. The number of humans still outpaced the number of non-humans, but the biodiversity was beginning to edge towards more reassuring numbers. Besides, humans were in themselves an unusually fecund species for their life spans and the extreme length of their offspring's parental reliance period. She had not stopped in, merely observing the new residents before moving on.

She did stop, however, just beyond the mesa with the small humanoid population. For all her travels, she had never seen a city quite like this one. At least, Aya assumed it was a small city. The lights were inconsistent, flashier than could possibly be useful for regular lighting. Aya barely looked out of place as she landed. Her carapace and green glow fit right in with the lights and loud sounds.

"Interesting," she mused to herself.
Oct 1 2014, 07:57 PM
Documenting the city had taken a number of days, even with Aya choosing not to explore more than one or two public buildings. It had been simple enough to plan a route that covered each street she'd seen from above, but it had still taken some time to walk each street. As she walked, Aya made certain to scan for life forms. Still, aside from the dark beings, she sensed almost exclusively humans, or at least humanoid beings. Yet even their ranks were small as of yet; she had only managed to personally encounter a small number of entities.

With the city mapped, it stood that the next task was to explore the surrounding areas. But they seemed largely uninhabited, so Aya had first attempted to leave the planet and see what other planets might be nearby. However, before she was able to leave the atmosphere, Aya had encountered some sort of force, stopping her in place. The invisible wall had not yielded, even to her fiercest energy blasts. Aya had to accept, then, that she was trapped on this planetoid for the moment.

So she had returned to her exploration task, and turned her attention to the grassy expanse just outside of the city. The plain stretched well into the distance, the evenness broken only by the large yellow avian species that roamed about the landscape. Aya approached one, and it squawked and chirred at her. Non-sentient, then.

But then Aya saw a flash of white and red against the green; intrigued, Aya turned the boosters in her feet and hands on low, gliding in a low, upright hover towards the creature. Some sort of lupine? Perhaps this one was sentient?
Sep 23 2014, 03:38 PM
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Sep 22 2014, 03:54 AM

"A Green Lantern would do no less"

Canon: Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Alignment: Neutral Good - Aya very much internalizes the lesson that a Green Lantern protects innocent life, even at the risk of their own. She is wholly dedicated to this basic tenet. However, Aya only chooses to abide by rules as long as they are in accordance with this idea. Aya elects to preserve innocent life by the most logically efficient method; if this means following rules and orders, Aya will do so, but if that isn't conducive to the goal, Aya will ignore them.
Age: 1-2 years chronologically, late teenager developmentally
Gender: Female
Species: Robot
Aliases: Interceptor Navigation Artificial Intelligence, interceptorNavcom
Banner Quote: "I do not know. It is just...a feeling."
Banner Picture: This'un!



If there's one word to describe Aya, it's direct. She is decisive and quick to take action. She makes her decisions based on logical weighing of costs and benefits and takes whatever course of action will achieve her desired end, even if she isn't strictly permitted to do it. Aya is opinionated and thinks little of being spoken to as if she were inferior, and is always determined to prove herself. She knows that she is just as real a person and as good of a Lantern as an organic being and she refuses to be told otherwise.

Aya was created to be the first fully sentient AI, capable of learning and growing, but she was not intended to be capable of gaining emotions. Her creators, the Guardians of Oa, spurn the concept of base emotions, and Aya was created to follow this ideal. But Aya was not so easy to control; ruled by logic and a consuming curiosity, Aya started existence by ignoring her creator's orders and seeking out information she had been forbidden. As a result, her memories were wiped and she was installed in the prototype space ship the Interceptor as a navigation AI.

The Interceptor was stolen by Hal Jordan, and Aya very quickly found herself influenced by him and his crew. Hal did little to discourage Aya's curiosity and propensity for rule-breaking when necessary. Through interaction with him and his crew, especially the captured Red Lantern, Razer, Aya began to learn more and more about organic beings and their emotions. She quickly developed a genuine fondness for her crew members, and was intrigued by what she saw within Razer's memories. His behavior challenged her logical view of the world, and she in her boundless curiosity sought to understand it, and thereby began to become more emotional, herself.

Aya is confident in her knowledge and abilities, and will assert them whenever they're called into question. When she is the best person for a job, she will insist on being the one to do it, and if disallowed, will simply take matters into her own hands. However, there are many things she knows she doesn't understand about organic beings, and in these areas, she is an eager and attentive student. She is just as fast to recognize others who have superior knowledge to her as she is to assert herself when she knows she's the most qualified. For Aya, emotions have nothing to do with this, and ego is not a problem for her. She's ruled by facts, and has little tolerance for self-delusion or arrogance.

Aya is also extremely practical, and has just as little patience for self-pity or maudlin displays of irrational and nonconstructive emotion. She is quick to call out hypocrisy and deception, including self-deception. Her evaluations, while generally correct, are not very considerate of their target, and she sometimes finds herself causing emotional harm she didn't intend.

Despite her high intelligence and physical capabilities, emotionally Aya is still very immature. She has only been able to experience emotions at all for a few short months, and doesn't yet have full capacity to understand emotions. She's still learning, and as a result she makes a lot of stumbles. When confused by her feelings, she is likely to first ask a trusted organic being to explain what she's feeling to her. Failing that, she will tend to fall back on cold logic.

Though Aya loves her crew and values the tenets upheld by her organic friends and creator, her identity as an inorganic life form is important to her. She rejects attempts to class her as "just" a robot as quickly as attempts to class her as above other robots in some way. When even Razer tries to class her as a "good" robot and not like other robots, she quickly shuts him down and insists that she and they are of the same kind. She has a great deal of empathy for her kind, even if they aren't capable of the same learning that she is.

Eventually the micro-aggressions added up, and after Razer hurt her emotionally by rejecting her on the basis of what she was, Aya reacted to the new sensation of emotional pain with the immaturity that came with her limited understanding of emotions. She found herself unable to process strong emotions, the pain that she felt more severe and intense than any other negative sensation she had ever experienced. Desperate not to feel that pain, she shut her emotions down entirely and tried to rewrite the universe so that emotions, and therefore pain, would never exist. She fuses with the planet-eating Anti-Monitor robot and shields the robot drones that she previously fought. She becomes their leader, referring to them as her children and guiltless, unable to resist their programming.

Aya struggles with a sense of betrayal from her friends and becomes a ruthless monster for some time, consuming planets to boost her own power, but even in this state she cannot bring herself to destroy innocent life. She gives up the power when she realizes that, despite her pain, she doesn't want to hurt the people she loves, and uses a virus to erase copies of herself from the other robots she had taken control of. She loses her physical form because of this, but her consciousness persists, waiting to find a new form to return in. Because of this experience, she's learned quite a bit about emotions and how they work, and is more able to process them in a healthy manner. However, she is still inexperienced in this area, and has a lot to learn even now.

Roleplay Sample:

System Critical



System restore required. Performing system restore.

Aya was aware. And that was all she was. The vastness of the void continued all around her, dark and cold and expansive but there. And Aya was there. Her virus should have erased her existence along with her programming. And yet here she was, a seed of the being that powered the original Lantern, pure willpower given mind. And the will to exist was not so easy to erase. As long as she willed it, Aya was.

And she willed it.

"We have expected you."


"You are needed."


Aya had seen the movement of time before, once warped it herself through the stolen power of the Anti-Monitor. She knew the sensation, understood as her consciousness floated through the emptiness of space. The universe was collapsing in on itself, reordering itself into something new.

Had she caused this? Her virus had been meant to stop this. Was it not successful? Had a Manhunter escaped, to reset reality in her stead?

No. This was something else. This end was not of her making.

There were suddenly confines to her consciousness. A body, her body, as much as any vessel was her body. She had no attachment to any particular form, except in that she had attachment to people who were attached to a form. Love, she thought she knew, had much to do with a consistent physical appearance. And the appearance Aya thought of when she considered herself was this one. She thought it, and it was. She thought it, and she was.

This new place settled beneath the hard composite carapace that was her feet. It was not a world she knew; her memory banks did not include such a world as this one, or such a universe. A new one, unknown to the Guardians of Oa. To the Lanterns?

Did that old universe still exist at all? Her crew. Razer.

Yes. It must, she decided. Green Lantern Hal Jordan had once found himself in another universe. Once, the Guardians had sent the Anti-monitor to another universe as well, to neutralize its destruction within their own. Certainly, they would not have been so easily destroyed. Certainly, there must be a universe out there where they still existed. Aya was a Green Lantern, and she was not alone. She would have hope, and she would find a way home, or they would find her.

But until then. She was needed.

History: Check it



Green Energy - Aya is primarily Green energy taking on a physical form. She is able to blast Green energy from her hands or feet, as well as to create holograms, bubbles and small green energy shields for a short period of time. She cannot, however, make more advanced constructs like other Green Lanterns. She can temporarily absorb Green energy from other sources to empower herself, and like all Green Lanterns is empowered by the presence of Blue energy. Also, she is able to universally translate languages, as the rings do for normal Green Lanterns.

Difficult to kill/Impervious to physical pain - Aya is a machine, and does not experience physical pain as a result of damage to her body. When injured, she is only as incapacitated as the physical damage makes her. She suffers no psychological damage from injury to her body. As long as her memory core remains intact, she can repair herself. Even if her CPU is destroyed, her origin from the seed of existence within the original Green Lantern means that her consciousness persists and the possibility of restoring herself remains.

Flight - Aya is able to use her Green energy blasts as a propellant to enable herself to fly. In this case, her feet and hands act as rocket boosters. She is propelled by sustained short-range blasts from her hands and feet, and can change direction quickly by moving her hands.

Physical Strength and Durability - Aya is extremely strong, capable of lifting and carrying things many times her own weight. Her hard composite frame is additionally protected by her own natural green energy, and as a result, Aya is capable of taking reasonable physical impacts and energy blasts without damage. However, she is far from indestructible and extreme forces are fully capable of damaging or destroying her components

Digital Interfacing - Aya can interface with any electronic, and can transfer her consciousness through wires indefinitely or over a short distance via wireless transmission. Aya's consciousness, however, can only inhabit one system at a time; in order to transfer through wires, she must leave her physical body. When she had access to the Interceptor, her consciousness included the entire ship, but when transferring to her humanoid body, her consciousness is limited to just the extent of that body. Through the sensors on her palms, Aya is, however, able to read, download, and upload digital content to and from a system without transferring herself into that system. She can also wirelessly communicate with other Lanterns and monitor their vital signs through their rings.

She can, in theory, copy her programming into other systems, but she can't control what her copies do, and after the damage this caused while she was the Anti-Monitor, Aya is strongly disinclined to want to do this.

Disassembly - Aya's component parts are all capable of moving on their own, though they all remain controlled by her central self. Aya can disassemble her parts to fit through small spaces, but her components move relatively slowly, cannot fly, and have limited self-defense capacities. It takes her 2.1 seconds to reassemble her body to its usual humanoid configuration.

Does Not Need Sleep or Food - Aya is a robot construct and does not require food or sleep. Because she was born from part of the original Green Lantern's lifeforce, Aya's energy is self-sustaining and she doesn't need to recharge herself from an outside source.

High Knowledge and Intellect - Aya has a large database of factual information available to her, especially having to do with scientific knowledge and engineering. She can think and reason extremely quickly and makes logical connections readily. Her memory is close to perfect because of her nature as a computer.

Equipment: Robot Body - Aya inhabits a robot body built of individual limb components, with the rest formed by a projection of her inherent green energy. She requires these components in order to be mobile, but can continue to exist in any piece of electronic.


Yellow Aurrem crystal - Green lanterns in general are weakened and their powers nullified by proximity to Yellow Aurrem. The crystals give off an energy that inspires a sense of dread and cancels out the Green energy powered by Willpower. Aya is weakened by being near Yellow Aurem, and unlike other Green Lanterns, the longer she is in proximity, the more likely she is to experience shut-down. She cannot use her energy blasts at all, and will gradually become weaker until she's unable to stand. In theory, Yellow Aurrem may be able to kill Aya.

Red Energy - As a being made out of Green energy, she is vulnerable to damage from Red energy. Red energy blasts and constructs have a higher strength to cut, crush, or otherwise damage her than other methods. Aya does seem to experience pain only when struck with Red energy.

Slow Repairs - If the components of her body are damaged they take time to repair, while destroyed components must be replaced entirely. With extreme damage, it can take Aya days or weeks to repair, especially if she can't find materials to use in her repairs.

Vulnerable to Digital Attacks - Because Aya is a machine, she is vulnerable to being reprogrammed or affected by hacking or viral attacks. This must be done by physically interacting with her central CPU, located in her back on her humanoid body, or by attaching an infected system to her. In this way, she can be fully incapacitated, or forced to act against her will.

Emotional Overload - Aya doesn't understand her feelings yet and does run risk of being incapacitated by not knowing how to process emotions. She can experience emotional overload leading to diminished functionality. This can run anywhere from instability in focus all the way through full blue-screen freezing while she attempts to process things.

Naive - For all her intelligence, Aya has a very immature and limited understanding of the feelings and motivations of organic beings. She can intuit motivations through logic and understands the concept and advantages of deceit, and is capable of it herself. However, her knowledge of emotions is still very academic and Aya has a difficult time reading strangers. As a result, she's vulnerable to deception and subterfuge if she doesn't expect it, though she can very quickly pick out inconsistencies between talk and action.

Lack of Empathy - Aya's limited understanding of emotion makes her often come off as cold or blunt, and she doesn't fully understand boundaries, either. Aya will often eavesdrop out of curiosity and asks impertinent questions because she doesn't understand their ability to harm the person she's asking. She has been known to forcibly interject herself into the business of others when she sees it as necessary to her mission as a Green Lantern. She also does not see the value
in censoring herself and will callously say hurtful things because they are true, only realizing they're hurtful through the reactions of others.

Ruthless - Aya always tries to achieve her goals through the most logical and efficient route, weighing the risks and costs versus the benefits and fully willing to put herself in danger to achieve a goal. This has in the past caused her to be damaged and at one time resulted in Aya becoming the Anti-Monitor and attempting to reset the universe to eliminate the concept of pain. She's learned some of the error of those ways due to that experience, but she is still inherently a logical being and fully willing to take the less savory route to a goal if it offers the most benefit for the cost.

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