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Chaotic Evil

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Jan 25 2015, 01:42 PM
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    ** envy likes to make a bunch of fake accounts to fuck with people, so it's very hard to trace them back to this one. used for communication with the homunculi, mostly, but envy's also probably stupid enough to leave this on the main list of available pesterchums.

Jan 4 2015, 10:44 PM

"You should see your face! Oh, you're not gonna believe this, but that was the same look on Hughes's face when I shot him! The utter shock, the dumb confusion! You could see every emotion he felt as his own wife shot him! It. Was. GREAT!"

Canon: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
Alignment: Chaotic Evil. Envy is envious of people, and turns that envy into manipulations and sadism. They want others to suffer as they do, to feel just as worthless as them. It's an absolutely evil and twisted way of thinking. Schadenfreude, man.
Age: Around 175 years old.
Gender: Genderfluid. Androgynous in appearance, Envy doesn't really care what pronouns you call them, but goes by they/them, occasionally shifting around to he or she depending on how they feel and what form they're assuming. They hate to be called an 'it', though - that's insulting beyond reason, and makes them feel ugly and worthless.
Species: Homunculus.
Aliases: Envy the Jealous.
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Oh boy. Okay. A bunch of my close friends have heard me babble about Envy in the last few days as I've caught up on FMA:B waaaaaay too quickly to be reasonable, and to be honest my thoughts are still kind of a jumble because I think there's so much to them. But, hey. I oughta strike the personality while it's hot, and I've been so steeply entrenched in FMA:B the last couple of days that it's time to give this a go.

"Of all the sins, envy offers not even a moment of pleasure."

Being the embodiment of the sin of "envy," this holds true even for them. You might not realize this right away, with Envy, because they seem to seriously enjoy everything they do, to some extent. They're outrageously sadistic and cruel when it comes to interactions with humans or non-Homunculi. They bragged about starting the Ishvalan War with a single bullet, and framing someone for starting it; they boasted (at an inopportune moment) about murdering Maes Hughes; they delight in casual cruelty, in bringing up sour and painful things and taunting people about them, getting up close and personal and in their space as a way to exercise control over them. Their cruelty is also sort of clumsy, in a way, because while they like to build themselves up as a champion manipulator, they are driven entirely by in-the-moment emotions - which is hypocritical of them, because they often accuse humans of doing the same thing and never doing the "logical" thing in order to put themselves above them, but then again Envy has like negative self-awareness.

When there's nothing huge going on, nothing that Envy needs to taunt about or fight about, they can be casual and lazy and hold a conversation. It's at times like these where they seem the most human, in a way, instead of just being caught up in how much they enjoy cruelty. But don't let that fool you - inside there is always a twist of ugly emotions going on that Envy doesn't know how to deal with.

While this is absolutely schadenfreude, the pleasure they get from having control over humans, from seeing them suffer and wring themselves left and right in the pain they cause them, it's also very momentary - because nothing, no measure of cruelty in the world, can make up for how ugly Envy feels, constantly, all the time. They are, as their name suggests, envious of humans. Envious of their abilities to form bonds and be strong and understand each other. And they can't not feel that - that is their existence, from when Father created them as a piece of himself. Greed joyfully admits to being greedy; Wrath indulges constantly in his anger; Lust manipulates because she enjoys sticking her fingers everywhere; Pride is proud of his pride; Gluttony and Sloth are both simple creatures that take pleasure from eating/resting. But Envy - Envy feels none of that pleasure derived from their sin. Envy does not even admit to their own sin that they are named after. They live in constant denial of their own worldview, because being jealous of humans does not match their self-perception that Homunculi are better. And they have an itty bitty voice inside of them, telling them that they're ugly and that humans are so much better, and they're barely aware of that voice but it still feeds into their jealousy anyway.

Honestly, Envy has such a short fucking fuse with certain things that feed into their insecurities. Calling them "ugly," for one thing, gets them bristling and on the defensive immediately - like when Greed, their own kind, called them ugly and Envy reacted with such acidity. Humans bragging, humans acknowledging their own talents, humans holding status - that pisses them off. For example, when Envy met Ling Yao for the first time, and called him that "kid who crossed swords with Wrath," Ling started going off about how he was a prince, and that was when Envy interrupted to tell Gluttony to eat him. And even fucking worse, even worse, if a human starts looking down on them - condescends to them - they can't bear it, it's awful and disgusting because they are BETTER than humans, dammit, dammit, stop looking down on me.

And for all the pain Envy causes others, they themselves hate pain. While few can claim to enjoying pain, it's worse with Envy in that any situation where anyone else can get the better of them is a situation they detest. Rather than this being out of pride, as Envy claims it to be, it's out of some naturally born insecurity that ravages every moment of their life. They're cowardly, and when they can no longer orchestrate their opponent's demise, they lie and cheat and trick to dig themselves out of a hole. They'll run from a fight and take to the shadows, doing any dirty trick in the book necessary.

Envy is a snake, trying to get under people's skins to make them suffer as they do. They're a chameleon, with a constantly shifting, unstable identity, emphasized by the multiplicity of forms they can take. While this has practical uses of sneaking around, it also symbolizes their own completely unstable form of identity; rejecting their own identity as someone envious, they took on characteristics of the other Homunculi - manipulative like Lust, proud like Pride, angry like Wrath, wanting what they can't have like Greed. But they'll never come close to broaching self-awareness like that, not when all they do is try to take traits they like - a cute body, a casual way of talking - and not be aware of any of their own, real traits, like their jealousy and insecurities.

I honestly can't state this enough - everything they do ultimately boils down to the jealousy that comprises their existence. Of all the homunculi, envy is the least capable of forming legitimate relationships with people - least of all humans - because that jealousy will taint every aspect of their existence. Compare and contrast with Greed, who can still be greedy and allow close interpersonal relationships anyway, try as he might to label people as his possessions. They're jealous because they're extremely extremely insecure, but can't admit this to themselves - thus, they have a bloated standing of themselves, but it doesn't make sense then for Envy to go off the handle if one of their allies calls them ugly. If they WERE secure and so convinced of their own existence - like Pride, for example - that would do nothing to them.

But they're not.

Because they just feel small and ugly on the inside. They are small and ugly. Their true form is despicable to them, itty-bitty and disgusting, and that is the truest form of their internal feelings.

They want to be understood, to be validated, but on the same note it's also fucking humiliating because that goes entirely against their self-perception of themselves, which is warped as hell in the first place. To be understood means to admitting their own jealousy, and they can't do that, because that would mean admitting they feel worthless. They're pathetic and pitiable, because they are incomplete - a fragment of Father, with other emotions, sure, but those are all quenched by the insatiable envy that comprises every inch of their being.

If they calmed down QUITE a bit, maybe they'd have a chance at allowing other things in their life - but while their self-perception suffered a severe blow from Edward Elric, they sort of committed suicide to avoid dealing with it. so now they're alive again and resentful about it and they had that taste of someone understanding them and it's aggravating and humiliating and vaguely desirable, underneath all the fucking layers of externalized hatred. They're gonna be obsessing about that for some time to come, brooding about it, in between the mayhem they cause because they have no leash in this world, no goal, no motives - just them and their impulsive jealousy of humans, humans and their ability to form bonds and rise up to face challenges and respect each other no matter their dark history (that Envy caused in some points). and that's really. fucking. dangerous. for everyone involved.

The tiny voice in them knows Homunculi aren't better, and now that they're out of their league and out on their own, it's going to be terrifically hard grappling with it.

Ugghghhh i feel like there's more I want to say about them but I covered the basics here so. Read some of my meta that'll cover more

links to meta/writing: [x] [x]

Roleplay Sample: --
History: link (brotherhood/manga, not 2003 anime)


  • philosopher's stone - at Envy's core is a Philosopher's Stone. While they actually have a bunch of philosopher's stones within them from the souls they've absorbed, the one that can actually kill them is right in their center. Break that, and Envy dies.
  • homunculus - an artificial human being, created in the image of a single trait, Envy is far more durable than most; they have a healing factor and unless that's overpowered in some way (like being constantly burned up with no chance for recovery in between, haha) it saves their body from being destroyed. The form you see before you - the young androgynous teen - is not their true form, but it is their most useful form and necessary. They're also nimble and quick on their feet; even if their fighting isn't all that refined, they're fast and lithe.
  • shapeshifting - Envy can shapeshift into anything they want, provided they've seen it once before. Their arms can turn into snakes. Their bodies and voices can completely shift to the visages of other people. However, looking like people doesn't necessarily mean they can act like them - that would take way more observation. Envy primarily uses shapeshifting to shift into the forms of their opponents' loved ones at a critical moment and incapacitate them. It's fucking dirty.
  • giant hell lizard - Envy's "true form" - or form their body was naturally adapted to take upon conception - is a gigantic, demonic lizard creature with multiple limbs and the souls of a thousand screaming people trapped in their skin. They use this when the going gets rough to toss their weight around and demolish their opponents - but they've been bested in it multiple times.
  • parasite - Envy can absorb people - that's how they have so much power. In their true form, this is their only remaining ability, being able to latch onto a person and make them their host body.
  • [florence + the machine voice] im so heavy - I've mentioned that Envy absorbs souls. This makes their body unnaturally heavy, because they have so many people inside them. (Another trait they chameleon'd in a way, because Gluttony is the main devourer of their party.)
Equipment: their hands can literally turn into knives and snakes and shit their body is their most potent weapon
  • small and ugly true form - deplete Envy's outer form enough so that it can no longer regenerate and you're left with an itty bitty disgusting little slug - which is what they really look like. They are small and completely helpless like this, and it'd be easy enough to crush the Philosopher's Stone within them that keeps them alive.
  • small and ugly feelings - I've emphasized this all throughout the app, but Envy feels just as small and ugly as they look. Their insecurity and jealousy makes them incredibly dangerous - but is also a weak point, because prodding it will make them impulsive and a bad decision-maker, and understanding them will lead to tears and humiliation.

Player Name: Ren.
Last Three Posts: Whew okay I've used 12 out of the 50 posts I made in the Idatatsu thread for previous applications, so adding three more to that number to make the three posts for this app 15/50.
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