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Lawful Good

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Oct 11 2014, 08:26 PM
(NOTE: SOME TRIGGER WARNINGS BEFORE READING THIS THREAD! contains: mildly sexual situations (some lacking consent), alcohol, aaaand some intent to murder via drowning. just be careful.)

fall. year 1. october 18th.
    She'd found a home; a little home, tucked away in the shallows, a cave carved out by the tides by the reefs and she wondered how that had happened - after all, if this was a new world, how could something have eroded this fast? - but then maybe it had just been here. Waiting.

    Waiting for her? For someone else?

    There wasn't much to it - a single room, with a little hole in the ceiling where a shaft of distant sunlight filtered in. When she'd arrived after finding Wadanohara, there was nothing but sand and plankton exoskeletons strewn across the ground. She'd curled up there as an oarfish, almost too big to fit into the secluded shelf, feeling as though she were on the last legs of her life. She wanted to go deeper, dig to the bottom of this huge ocean, and lay where she couldn't see the sun, lit up by her own magic - but those were her animal instincts talking. Parents, grandparents, great-grandparents - they'd all gone to the surface to die, to see the sun one last time after a lifetime of hiding in darkness. It made her feel nostalgic, and moody, but she forced herself to ignore it. This little cave would do. It was a practical solution. There was no one else in this gaping maw of an ocean, and she needed to be close to Wadanohara.

    That was what she told herself for those few nights in a row, staying up late and slowly crocheting a muted seaweed blanket and rug to give it a little bit more of a homey vibe. There was a small mirror, a hand-carved shelf of tiny trinkets, a bed, a stone ledge that functioned as a seat, a couple of small floating candles made of water-fire that her magic lent to, the seaweed rug. She didn't need much to survive; the ocean could lend itself to her in turn. For food, for hunting -

    A lot of people say they've seen sea monsters in the ocean, she heard that unassuming composer say in the back of her mind, and bit down the urge to swim deep, deep, deep.

    Sea god knew that there were plenty of monsters on the surface.

    And now, Tatsumiya was weaving, folding strips of seaweed between her fingers, falling deep into the comfort of monotony and task-making. The sunlight slowly sifted into moonlight, and she breathed in the darkness, her little cave dim and quiet and peaceful, the sound of waves lapping on the shore far above her.

    I wonder... I wonder if Lord Meikai could be here. I wonder if he can see me, even now.

    She almost wished he wouldn't, because then maybe the guilt would swallow her up.
Oct 9 2014, 09:01 PM
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Oct 4 2014, 04:28 PM

"Silence, you... you traitor! I'll never... never forgive you!"

Canon: Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea.
Alignment: Lawful Good. Tatsumiya is a huge supporter of the greater good, of keeping things peaceful and believing in the goodness in people. However, she's not like Wadanohara, who truly believes everything can be solved peacefully and really extends compassion; keeping up respectability and following the orders of those she believes in are just as important as any form of compassion. She is dutiful to the extreme.
Age: Twenty-Eight.
Gender: Female.
Species: Oarfish.
Aliases: TATS. no but nothing actually tho Tatsu is cute
Banner Quote: ... I think... you have the right to choose for yourself.
Banner Picture: christ



Tatsumiya very much reminds one of a kindly mother or aunt. She is soft-spoken, tender, sweet, compassionate. Wadanohara is very much in her eyes her daughter; she cares very deeply about sea life, and works to protect it in a way that is quiet and effective, without getting in the way. She carries out her duties - which she has plenty of, being an aide to royalty - with responsibility and respectability. She is poise, dignified - the perfect lady-in-waiting or, in ages past, familiar.

And she works very, very hard to keep that image.

That isn't to say that Tatsumiya isn't legitimately all those things - she definitely is. But on the inside, she's not nearly as soft-spoken as her careful and caring words would allow others to believe. While appearing quite frail and wispy, inside, Tatsumiya is as hard and solid as a rock. Her beliefs are where she lies firm and solid, stubborn, without room to argue; she can very quickly move to a world of absolutes in response to a situation.

She comes from a place of ideals and a high moral code, but has difficulty separating objectivity from subjectivity. If someone has wronged her or those she cares about, it is natural of her to jump to immediate solutions - casting them out, carrying out an execution. She sees this as logical, and part of her high moral purpose. She is unable to see it as anger and hurt and hatred, because Tatsumiya is kind and Tatsumiya is motherly and Tatsumiya is wise and she has neither time nor avenue to allow herself to express these kind of emotions.

She feels very deeply, but, in cases of negative emotions, pretends as though she does not. This is something she works hard to cultivate, keeping her composure and her stiffness. Dignified is a good word for her; very much traditional and court-born, Tatsumiya holds high ideals of respectability and even reputation to an extent, though she would believe her rep isn't as important to her as it actually is. In truth, she must at all times be respectable and composed and wise because there is no room in the trials of court life for fire and passion.

In my headcanon, she came to this conclusion by the Sea God picking Uomi as the heir and not Mikotsu - because Mikotsu was more temperamental than Uomi.

However, to say she doesn't keep her feelings hidden all the time. If there is an emotion she perceives as positive - her love for Lord Meikai, for instance, or her deep concern about Wadanohara's well-being - she won't keep it hidden. This all fits in with her image as the perfect aide and lady-in-waiting; it's fine for her to care about things.

What she doesn't realize is how deep devotion goes and how it can blind her. Traditionalism has made her accept matters of court life that others would have a hard time swallowing - the complete exile of a number of people she used to be buddy-buddy with, for instance. Her strong beliefs in the greater good and crushing out evil wherever it may lay allow her to accept such decisions - and make such decisions on her own. Also, she's really... blind about the root of a lot of her emotions in general. Like with Lord Meikai, she often tells herself she fought Old for his sake, so her anger was righteous and came from a place of devotion - instead of a place of rage and hurt, which is no longer quite as positive and understanding as devotion. Devotion can blind her, make her fixated, excuse her own actions.

An important point of this: She didn't tell Wadda she had the right to choose if she wanted to remain in the sea until AFTER all the Moonstones were healed, which was what the Sea Kingdom wanted her to do in the first place. She might not have considered having this conversation with Wadda at all; her own subconscious traditionalism prevented her from putting the dots together until after the job was completed, fitting in with her sense of responsibility. Still, she cares for Wadda deeply, which was what allowed her to have this conversation with her in the first; but she should have had it sooner, when Wadda was younger, and always made it clear she could always choose. Not just until after she'd done what the Sea Kingdom asked of her.

And beneath all of this composure is a streak of violent, righteous anger. Anger scares Tatsumiya; anger and passion are what lead the Sea of Death to do what they do, and her alignment is so strongly against them and with her sleeping queen Uomi. At the young age of sixteen, she willingly scarred Old beyond repair for betraying Meikai, even though the morality of killing Mikotsu's followers without a second thought was not raised. She's afraid of her own tightly wound, angry core, which doesn't match her worldview of herself as "sweet and motherly." She is also hypocritical in her forgiveness - considered a kind and forgiving and open-minded person, yet she didn't forgive Old for siding with who he thought was right.

Due to how many strings she keeps wound around herself in order to justify her idealism and keep her emotions at bay, Tatsumiya is drawn to those that are casual, that are simple, that are relaxed and easy people to talk to. It's so different from everything she is - a cavern of complex responsibilities, socialized ideals, and unacknowledged anger. Being able to unwind is something she's always craved - especially now that she's away from everything she's tied herself to, and feels more purposeless than she ever has in her whole life.

If anybody here is familiar with the Enneagram, Tatsumiya fits the description of a Type 1 to a tee (a 1w9, actually). However, because she's not perfectly healthy, she's the type of person who would say "oh, I'm not a type 1," and classify herself as entirely a 9. For reference, {here's} the stuff about being a type 1 and {here's} the stuff about being a type 9.

As a cute side note: Tatsumiya loves song and dance. That's probably how she and Meikai bonded - and likely one of the few "acceptable" ways she can let out her emotions.

links to my headcanon/fanfic stuff: [x] [x] [x]

Roleplay Sample:
History: Lol okay I lied I'm going to do the history immediately. A loooot of this is headcanon since there really isn't much in the way of explained history in Wadanohara.
  • Tatsumiya was born in Deepsea Town, and raised within the cruxes of court life. Very quickly she found a love in music, and bonded with the prodigy of the Sea God - the young sorcerer Lord Meikai - over a shared love of music.
  • At the young age of fourteen, she became one of Meikai's chosen familiars when he embarked on his quest to learn witchcraft to its fullest. She was one of his only familiars; the other one was the shark Old, a sort of intimidating presence with a gruff side, and someone Meikai trusted with his life.
  • As the three of them trained together, the powerful Sea God sensed something on the horizon, and began the work of prepping one of his two daughters to ascend to the throne in his absence. He quietly picked Princess Uomi, the quieter, more mature of the two, as Princess Mikotsu possessed more hotheaded immaturity. But it was a delicate choice, as Mikotsu had a lot of followers - people who genuinely loved her and her fiery attitude, people like her guardians Stella and Tsuribari - and Old himself, who often watched over Mikotsu like she was his own daughter.
  • Meikai often visited the surface to consort with the Moon. It wasn't until a few years after Tatsumiya learned this that she realized the Moon - just like the fish and the birds and the other creatures - had another form she took, and a little after she learned Meikai loved the Moon with all his heart.
  • One day, he returned to Sea God Castle with an egg from the Moon, ecstatic about his daughter, to be hatched in a few months.
  • But the very next day - the Sea God fell into a deep, eternal slumber.
  • It turns out the creation of the egg effected some change in the tides, which deeply effected the Sea God by extension. Due to his near-comatose state, there was a hassle to quickly name Uomi as the heir to avoid the kingdom falling into disrepair. Mikotsu's followers were horrified at the quickness of the decision, and an uprising was enacted.
  • Mikotsu and her followers were killed, sentenced into the Sea of Death. Lord Meikai was at the front of the battle, due to his loyalty to the Sea God and the Sea God's decision; but his heart was broken after that, to see his sea so torn in two. Tatsumiya followed him, and believed they and Uomi's followers were in the right, still - it hurt her to see him suffering so.
  • Old, meanwhile, had other plans. He had stayed behind to be a spy for Mikotsu, since those cast into the Sea of Death do not face eternal death, and planned for her to return. Due to the clumsy way in which it was sealed, he betrayed Meikai, releasing the Sea of Death and allowing Mikotsu to return. Meikai was forced to take drastic action, sacrificing himself - just before his egg was due to be hatched - and casting a powerful spell to seal the Sea of Death for good. His Cast Pearl hung over the Sea God Castle.
  • As for Uomi, to ensure Mikotsu never returned, she placed herself under a deep, connected sleep; as long as Uomi slept, so would Mikotsu.
  • But Old was not yet dead, and he and Tatsumiya had a final showdown. Tatsumiya - sixteen, and enraged, filled with righteous, violent anger - permanently disfigured Old's face and cast him into the Sea of Death, where he may rot.
  • Taken aback by the intensity of her own rage and grief, she took to keeping her emotions locked within, and cut her hair short. She took care of Meikai's egg in his absence, and raised his daughter - the witch Wadanohara. For twelve years she looked after the little girl, helping her assign her familiars, and keeping Meikai's barriers intact, all while taking orders from Princess Uomi and acting as her aide, her time as a witch's familiar having long since expired.
  • When Wadanohara turned thirteen, she went off to learn advanced magic from the witch kingdom far away, in order to protect her sea. While she was gone, warriors from the surface Tosatsu Kingdom began to attack for some mysterious reason. Upon Wadanohara's return, Tatsumiya bade her go and repair the Moonstones to ensure the Tosatsu Kingdom couldn't fully invade.
  • After the Moonstones were repaired, there was a banquet held; however, during the banquet, the Moonstones all somehow broke, one by one, and the Tosatsu Kingdom invaded. A full-scale war broke out, until Tosatsu arrived at Uomi's chambers. Uomi finally woke herself up to figure out what the hell was going on, and Tosatsu claimed she had received letters from Uomi detailing that she hated her - but that had, in fact, never happened, and all the slaughtered troops on their sides were from a third, unseen force. The two made up.
  • Moments later, the Cast Pearl broke, and the Sea of Death invaded.
  • It turns out one of Uomi's newest aides, Sal, had been a spy for the Sea of Death as well; as a child, he had grown up with Mikotsu, but hadn't fought in those first battles, being too young. He had orchestrated the demise of both the Moonstones and the Cast Pearl, as well as sending the false letter so the Tosatsu Kingdom would invade and wake Uomi up. This was all so he could bring back Princess Mikotsu, and war was raged anew.
  • As for Tatsumiya, she was confronted with her scarred past, face-to-face - because Old had returned. Already hurt and worn from the fights with the Tosatsu Kingdom, she didn't have the strength to cast him off - until a randomly strolling orca came along, took offense to Old's stupid face, and beat the everloving shit out of him until Wadanohara came around to finish Old off. Said orca then escorted Tatsumiya to safety, even though he cared little for politics.
  • Eventually, Wadanohara defeated Sal and Mikotsu, and her familiar - Samekichi - traveled into the Sea of Death to seal it for good, and probably die in the process. Tatsumiya's heart still worries for Wadanohara, who has secluded herself in grief; and with the kingdom slowly repairing itself, with more of their numbers gone that ever before, she finds herself burdened with responsibility, even as her eyes keep straying to the strolling orca.
  • And then she winds up here, purposeless, lost...

  • MAGIC - It's really unclear what this exactly is, but Lord Meikai taught her some in order to pass the trade onto Wadanohara and protect the barriers. She can cast spells to allow other people to breathe and survive underwater, as well as for her to survive above water; she can call on the power of the sea to serve her and fight on her side. Apparently this magic can also be quiiiite violent, seeing as what she did to Old. She's no pansy aight.
  • A FUCKING FISH FURRY - Tatsumiya is an oarfish with two forms - one that's humanoid, and one that's literally an oarfish. They're super fucking long dinosaur fish and she can swim and shit, but can't really use this form on land. {link to wikipedia article about oarfish}
Equipment: antennae. no but nothin
  • CAN'T BREATHE - She needs magic to survive on land, as stated earlier. Also oarfish are deep see fish so if she doesn't have magic on she could literally explode when on land because the pressure is different.
  • CONCEAL DON'T FEEL - Talk about having a stick up her ass tho. Especially amplified because she feels quite purposeless currently.
  • A N G E R - Ohhhhh boy she legitimately has this in spades. She can get quite violent when she wants to, which is a scary thought.
  • MORTAL - Obviously. She can die in a lot of ways.

Player Name: Ren.
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