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Anise Tatlin

Chaotic Good

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Oct 5 2014, 11:46 PM

"I'll kill you bastards!"

Canon: Tales of the Abyss
Alignment: Chaotic Good – Anise wants to make the world better, really! But she'll be just fine with doing tricky and illegal stuff to get it there. She's more than a little selfish, even if she does try to do the right thing.
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Aliases: Fon Master Guard, Abyss Pink
Banner Quote: “I'll bear your grudge, I'll take it!”
Banner Picture: this


Anise is a kid.

Not just a kid – because no one is just anything, from noble and sheltered brats to wise and mysterious mentors – but she is a child, one who never had the time or breathing space for childhood. Superficially bright, energetic and sugary sweet, Anise is quick to discard that façade – as it's just that, a mask and a tool to help her along. She's not innocent or gullible, despite her insistence on being a ~damsel in distress~ because ultimately, she's a soldier playing pretend at it. She might say she wants some dashing hero to swoop in and protect her, but the truth is that she knows the world doesn't work like that, and that depending on other people for protection and safety doesn't work out. People make mistakes, and it's not their fault – but it's better to rely solely on herself.

At least that way, she knows where she stands.

Anise is frighteningly independent and pragmatic, especially for a girl of thirteen. She does everything herself, from fighting to taking care of her family, and she's used to it. She's the guardian of the Fon Master for a reason, and assuming that only she's really capable of looking after her own interests goes hand in hand with grudgingly looking after others too, because no one else can do anything right! Ultimately, she's way more concerned with herself and those she cares about than anyone else, but she's still capable of sympathy and empathy. She might fuss about helping someone she's just met, and whine and complain that this is a waste of time and effort, but she'll still step in to save them from a monster or help them out of a desperate situation. Her journey around (and through) the world has made her more than a little aware of the sacrifices and situations of others, and she's more thoughtful and perceptive than one would expect of her age.

Not all that perception is necessarily positive, though. Anise has been through a lot of shit. She's seen the seedy underbelly of the Order of Lorelei, witnessed those in power abuse it or nurture their private ambitions. Good, honest people don't always get what they deserve – rather, they're tricked and manipulated or taken advantage of. So while Anise is surrounded by good people – Ion, her parents, even most of the party she travelled with – she's willing to be a little less good and honest, for their sakes just as her own. She's sly and cunning, and more than a little bloodthirsty. Her position and her prowess in battle gives her some level of control over her life, and she won't shy away from scamming people or using tricks to get money, either. She wants things to get better, for herself, for her parents, and all the virtues in the world don't help with that, sometimes. She's learned to claw her way to her goals, and that casual cynicism and ruthlessness can be jarring, especially when she doesn't bother to hide it. Poverty and the military both have made her savage, especially in defence of what is precious to her - her family, her friends, her life.

Anise deflects a lot. Part of it is that fierce insistence on being independent, on handling things alone because she can. So she becomes teasing and witty, quick with pointed remarks and sly goads for everyone around her – all the better to focus attention away from herself and how she feels. Truthfully, she's hardly as confident and resilient as she appears – she's under a hell of a lot of strain, but she shies away from admitting that. It's tough for her to make friends, and she's desperately, heartbreakingly loyal to them, but part of her being a kid is that she won't always make the right judgments and decisions, especially when it comes to them. She can't show that she's hurting, or that she's lonely, or admit that she's having problems. It's also difficult to assume she's encountering any trouble at all, when she seems so much more mature and capable than she should be.

That's fucked her over big time. Not admitting when she was in trouble and then being unable to depend on anyone else for help was what led to the person she loved most dying. That incident still troubles her, even if it's started to scar over. She's trying to grow up and change, and she feels her mistakes and failures very deeply. She's made some tragic, awful decisions in the past – but she's learned to make good ones, too. She's fought for the freedom of the world, so that no one will end up controlled and chained up against their will, regardless if it's a world-spanning prophecy or just the ambition and methods of mortal men.

She's still a kid, and there's a lot for her to learn and work through, still – but she's making a good start.

Roleplay Sample:
“I can't do this,” she admits, the words echoing in the audience chamber. Ion is resting, the rest of the party out shopping – so her chance to report in person finally arrives. She wouldn't consign these words to letters, not without worrying that she'd mess up the ink.

“I'm sorry, did you say something?” Mohs says, half-turning from where he's been pretending to study some painting of Yulia, and Anise grits her teeth. Bullshit, of course he heard, he's just toying with her! But she chokes down snarled words and curses because this man, bloated with power and greed and ambition, holds her life in his hand – and worse, her family's too – and she doesn't want to know what him tightening his grip would feel like.

“I can't do this, I can't keep spying,” she says in a rush, hating how young and desperate she sounds, just like a kid. She hasn't been a kid for years – there are no children left in the Order of Lorelei. Even before she joined, she never had the time. “They're going to find out, they're all going to notice eventually – and even if they don't, Jade's smart, he'll figure it out!” And she cannot keep lying to Jade, whose eyes are too sharp and who keeps mountains and mountains of secrets. Maybe – just maybe – he'll respect hers and not prod, but it's Jade, and there's a good chance he'll draw it out, lure her into a trap and dangle the truth in front of her and show that he's known since forever and she desperately wants to avoid being caught out like that.

“Your family,” Mohs says to the air, “must work off their debt to the church.” Anise doesn't quite flinch, knowing he's picking the heaviest words to fling at her. “I don't recall that suddenly excluding you.”

She hunches her shoulders and imagines Tokunaga punching him in the face until there's nothing left of that faint, veiled sneer. “What's the good of a spy that gets found out? They could just toss me into the ocean, or something, and you'll never get anyone that close again!”

“But they think you're their friend. And they will keep thinking that.” And then, as if it's entirely unrelated, “Your parents have donated most of their savings again. You're lucky to have such a pious and charitable family, Anise.” There's nothing more she can say to that, no arguments she can air out to convince Mohs that she's better off cast away as a tool – because if she does that, there goes her family, their livelihood, and she can't fail them like this.

So Anise swallows her rage and anger and stuffs it fiercely away, along with the whispers of I'm sorry as she teases Natalia and Luke, poor ignorant nobles that she can fleece a million different ways. She flirts outrageously with Guy and listens to him drone on and on about fontech, blackmails Tear into buying her fancy cakes, teams up with Jade to make fun of everyone else. All the while, she diverts raised eyebrows or questions as best as she can, smiling until her cheeks hurt (“Oh, Colonel, am I looking even cuter than usual today?~”), and stealing every moment she can with Ion, who's quiet and gentle and so so kind and he doesn't deserve a traitorous guard like her.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

And she vows that one day, she'll get back at Mohs for this, turn him into a bloody smear for making her have to choose between her family and her friends. She was born greedy.

She'd give everything to have both.

History: Here! Taken from post-game.


Puppetry: Anise has a pretty unique skill - namely, she can operate technologically enhanced dolls. Her doll, Tokunaga, is attuned to her fonons - basically her magic bullshit particles - and responds to them, which then allows her to have it grow to a size she can ride on. From there, it responds to her will as much as her movements, punching and slamming her foes with impressive strength. It's also very sturdy, and makes for a good shield in a pinch. For a giant plush doll stuffed with machinery, it's pretty acrobatic too. It's clearly superior to all other puppets especially Sasori's.

Magic: She's got some powers of her own, though! Anise can use magic, and specializes in light and dark magic. I'm going to just list them whoops.
  • Limited: Anise creates a crest of light on the ground under a target, which is then hit in the centre by a ray of it.
  • Negative Gate: Casting this creates a sphere of dark energy which pulls enemies towards it, limiting their movements and hurting them on contact.
  • Divine Saber: Basically a bigger, muuuch flashier Limited. Slaps down a bigger crest, with lightning bolts striking the edges of it and then a bigger lightning bolt hitting the centre.
  • Bloody Howling: Anise's strongest spell, it takes a while to cast, but it manifests as a powerful vortex of darkness that lifts everything nearby into the air, rending at it at the same time. 2spooky.
Equipment: Tokunaga, her doll. Anise usually carries it around on her back like a cute little backpack. A cute little backpack which can transform to something three times her size whoops. She also has a mace with her, which helps her focus for casting magic.

Anise might be able to be devastating in battle, but make no mistake, her strength and endurance are that of a thirteen year old. Separate her from Tokunaga or somehow keep it from working and she's way less dangerous to face off against. Her spells are pretty painful to deal with, but they take a long time to cast, too. Tokunaga itself is bulky and can be slow to move, even if its attacks are as fast as Anise wants them to be.

And of course, she's all too mortal.


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