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» Plastic Packed Smoke, Colress.
 Posted: Jan 23 2015, 09:42 AM
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    Squick warning: blood/gore mention, graphic descriptions.

    25th January.

    This was. By far. The weirdest place he'd ever strolled.

    Everything smelled of smoke and steel and plastic and... meat. Yeah, meat, unmistakable. He'd picked up on a couple of cows braying in the steel factories, too, which was just about the only living thing he'd come across except a bunch of weird, skitter-y sort of folks. Dressed in black and white, which he respected, but didn't seem much interested in conversation. Wanted to just get on with their jobs, whatever they were. Seemed a little scared of his teeth. Or his cigarette - which was a little hypocritical when smoke belched its thick, earthy scent from what he was told were mines. Industrial pollution had to be worth way, way more bad-points than his shitty cigarette.

    Anyway, nervous little environmentalists or not, he was determined to have fun with this place. It was a long, long way from anywhere, and maybe, if he really thought about it, maybe he'd stumbled into hell? Mines belching smoke... the stench of rancid meat in the air... endless rows of generic plastic buildings filled with generic, wide-eyed white-collar workers? Yeah. Could be hell. World had just thrown up an awesome amusement park, gotta balance that out, he guessed.

    Turning a corner, the scent of death sizzled violently in his nostrils, and he kicked back. Holy fuck. It was like the stench that clung to every part of this town just intensified twentyfold and was punching him in the face. Shit, shit his nose even felt bruised, but it was a good smell. Yeah, the kind of smell he liked, and it was coming from that bright red river.

    River Styx, yeah. That's what it had to be.

    He walked towards that overwhelming, gasping smell, his tail physically shaking with the sensation. Meat, that was meat. It was organs and body bits and thick, thick blood just fucking sloshing away beneath the sun. It was like... like a fucking banquet just left out here, left out in the middle of nowhere, like... was this natural? Where was all this even coming from? And more importantly...

    Could he eat it?

    Bending his knees, he lowered himself down by the river. Stuck his hand in the meat-water, staining his gloves. Haha, yeah. It even felt like the way blood does.

    Only one way to find out, he guessed.
 Posted: Jan 27 2015, 09:27 AM
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No ecosystem such as this had ever existed in history to the scientist's knowledge. Scientifically it seemed impossible... a river of meat, decaying organic matter, seemingly incorporated as a natural part of the landscape?

Colress may have appreciated the uniqueness of all things. He was open-minded and willing to concede when he had made a wrong judgement if there was proof to support that he had been wrong. He had come to this island seeking answers as to its nature, and until Beheeyem had recovered from the exhaustion of teleporting him this far away enough that they could make the return journey, he was stranded here. In this land of thick smog and rampant putrefaction. People could get away with calling Colress an eccentric, but he was not a fool. Electing not to travel this hellscape on foot where he might be vulnerable, but from standing atop his Magnezone, who had plenty of metal littered around the surrounding landscape to push itself off the ground with a strong magnetic field.

As if this place couldn't get any MORE strange, there was now a scientist with a wisp of curling blue hair wrapped around his head like an antennae, his labcoat tails flapping in the wind as he rode around what would have the perfect silhouette of a UFO when seen from a distance. Several of the locals here had already looked up, caught sight of the bizarre phenomenon, and gone back to work without so much as a pause for thought. Perhaps desensitized to this kind of irregular peculiarity.

Barren, bizarre, belligerent... no matter how keenly he scanned the ground as he flew over it, visually sweeping the area, he could find no sign of any life other than the pale little men who had failed to respond to him. Ignoring his presence for the most part, remaining silent in the face of his questions, and taking no precautions against him spending a brief period hanging around observing their behavior and social dynamics. Or rather, lack of them. His grand scientific conclusion about what they were? He had no idea. Normally that would make him a lot more enthusiastic, but his current craving was to know about this area. And if the locals couldn't tell him how it seemingly operated, then what was he supposed to do? There didn't look to be any tour guides anywhere. Not that the tourism industry was likely to be flocking to these stagnant shores and polluted skies. A morbid part of his psyche theorized that perhaps the waterway of bodily fluids WAS in fact the aforementioned industry... what remained of them, anyway.

Such dark thoughts were perturbing. Slaughter for the sake of slaughter and bloodshed for the sake of bloodshed were flawed notions, which ought to have been weeded out and left behind back in the dark ages to which they belonged. Colress was opposed to very little; but he most certainly was not inclined to support extremes as dramatic as this.

But say now, what was that down there?

It was a figure hunched over, kneeling in front of the river, as if in some kind of pain. Curiosity plucked at Colress' heart, and then concern kicked in moments later as a nagging reminder. Perhaps this person could answer his questions? And oh, maybe they were hurt and in need of assistance too. An afterthought.

"Excuse me, you down there," he called down from his flying saucer. "Can you tell me what you know about this place?"
 Posted: Feb 6 2015, 12:56 PM
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    Idate lifted a gloved hand to his mouth, flicking out a tongue. Thick iron, something deep red, running. No adrenaline, though. No punctured muscles, writhing screams, a heart beat going so fast that it rung louder than his thoughts. Nah, this was just blood and bits of other meaty stuff, rolling around in his mouth, now dribbling down his chin. Yeah, yeah. Just blood. No struggle, nothing good. Mediocre, really.

    Oh, hm?

    Glancing back over his shoulder, he narrowed his eyes when he couldn't find the source of that voice. Until it spoke again, and he realized it was coming from above. Holy shit? Holy... shit. That was a flying saucer. That was seriously a fucking flying saucer. Was there something in that meat? Something reeeally fast acting?

    Shit, he had blood all over his face now, too. That was no way to present himself to aliens. Quickly wiping his face on his suit sleeve, he'd worry about dry cleaning later, he stood up with his knees cracking in the process, oh Jesus.

    "Hey, listen. I come in peace." He flicked his tail, trying to get a better view of the dude manning the saucer. He could only really pick out some weird blue antenna thing. Aliens, man.

    "I take it you just got off from Mars or something, right?" He probably had like... a bunch of tentacles down there. Then again, he guessed that wouldn't be that weird, he'd met plenty of octopus-people before. Still, they were creepy, and aliens were, by law, meant to be creepy. "Well, I don't actually know the name of this planet. Sorry. But I do know a lot about it. Strolled pretty much everywhere."

    Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a couple of cigarettes, pointing one up towards the spaceship.

    "You want a cigarette first? It'll be a long story. Oh, shit, you probably don't know what cigarettes are. They're really great. Nice little pleasure sticks. Make your head feel kinda light for about two minutes. Real delicacy on this planet."

    Yeah, he'd make a fucking fantastic ambassador.
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