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» ┬┐Somos humanos o somos bailarines?, demyx/anise
 Posted: Jan 24 2015, 07:52 PM
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Friday, January 23rd --- Ikebukuro, 24 Mall Street, just outside of a crowded nightclub

That was the cool thing about Organization XIII robes. No matter where you went, they were always in style.

Demyx wore the hood up over his head at present. It was raining outside, and while water may have been his specialty, there was no place he wanted to be more than the inside of the club right now. He could hear the music even from out here standing in line; plenty of maracas, blowing trumpets, and electronic beats. It was a lively beat that got the blood pumping, and the sort of rhythm that someone would be seen shaking their booty to while wearing a hat made up of various colorful fruits.

Demyx wanted to be that fruit-clad maniac dancing all night long. He coveted the pineapple crown like he'd never coveted anything before.

Not that he was feeling self-conscious, or anything. Just because some little girl had stumbled upon his online contact details and made serious accusations about his credibility as a partygoer. Two things in life; slacking and recon. Those were his jams, and slacking being such a magnificently broad term as it was... Saix usually defining it as something along the lines of anything that wasn't doing his duty to the organization... he couldn't afford to drop down to just having recon as a specialty alone! Fidgeting a little at the thought, he wished that the line would move a little faster, but couldn't be bothered stirring up a fuss. It gave him plenty of time to think at least. Like how strange it was that instead of being dead right now he was about to go perform at a party, with his Organization buddies none the wiser.

Well, except for Axel. But he was generally less of a douche as far as other Nobodies were concerned.

Say though, a lackadaisical thought popped into his head right as he was nearing the door where a tough-looking bald guy dressed in a Hawaiian shirt acted as the club's bouncer. He had just invited a little girl to come meet him at a nightclub hadn't he? Some place where kids, uh, generally weren't allowed? Whoops. Brain-fart.

"Huh... wonder how she'll get around that one." he mused, letting his gaze drift listlessly around the area. Looking for something... anything... not sure what he expected to see. This wouldn't be like one of those cases where the kid would put on stilts, wrap up in layers, and legitimately try to pass off as an adult or anything.

It wouldn't. But he had to tell himself a second time just to stop from thinking it.
Anise Tatlin
 Posted: Jan 26 2015, 12:17 PM
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Well, okay, so maybe this was kind of a bad idea! She didn't need anyone to tell her that - she already could imagine the Colonel shaking his head, his mild disappointment more biting than being told she was acting childish or reckless or, or... or stupid!

And briefly, she'd heard Ion in her head, Be careful, Anise, in that kind, quiet voice that made her heart jerk, and she'd almost turned around and ditched right there. Served this guy right if he invited a girl to a place she could hardly get into legally and she didn't show, right? She could have done the safe thing, the wise thing. There wasn't any point in taking dumb risks! She was old enough to know that.

But this guy, whoever he was, was shifty, in that kind of interesting way which meant someone had a lot of secrets and was having some fun in keeping them hidden. Anise did want to meet him, sound him out - and besides, if anything happened, she could just beat him to a pulp and head back, right?

No matter what, she could handle herself. That never changed.

Still, the whole sneaking into a club thing was... kind of difficult! The others would have had an easier time, actually being adults and all, and maybe the Colonel or Guy would have been able to cover for her if they had been here but, well... they weren't!

And that was, she told herself fiercely, fine! They'd get here when they could. They were coming.


So, without clever, convincing people to use for her own purposes, she had to be a bit more obvious about it. She'd sidled as close to the line and the door as she dared, trying to look inconspicuous and innocent and totally not planning anything. So far, so good. The bouncer had given her a few glances so she'd drawn back to loiter a bit further away, and everyone else was too focused on the light and music spilling out from the doors. So no one would have seen the runes light up on the ground around her for a second --

But everyone would have seen the half-casted spell she threw at the bouncer. It barely counted as a spell really, just an unformed mass of light fonons, and it had no sting to it either - it was just a sudden, blinding burst of light. Sloppy, she was sure anyone who had known what she was doing would have criticized both her technique and her tactics, but it was enough of a distraction to let her duck down and into the club.

There, safe! Well, until someone noticed a kid hanging around. Still squinting and with spots dancing in front of her eyes, she edged her way to a wall beside some tropical decorations. Now, the mystery partygoer wasn't stupid - he had to know that light had been her, so he'd be looking for her already.

And all she had to go on was that he wore a distinctive cloak, but considering the style here... it wouldn't be too difficult to find him.

The question was if running into him was a good idea at all, of course, but, well... she'd find out soon enough, right?
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