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» Childhood headcanons, just Saix rn but probs that'll change
 Posted: Feb 22 2015, 09:02 PM
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MMKAY SO I was thinking a bunch about Saix's dumb jerkitude and reflecting on the like, childhood headcanons I'd developed that made sense for his brand of jerkitude, and considering how mUCH CHILDHOOD HEADCANON I HAVE that like informs how I play him I thought I'd share it.

SO my feeling is that Canon!Isa was definitely an only child, and that he had those kind of emotionally distant but perfectionistic 80's-movie-Yuppie kind of parents, the kind who have a child to complete their trophy family rather than out of any actual desire for a child, the kind that consider gifts and physical rewards to be an acceptable substitute for actual affection. The kind who expect their child to be top of the class, star of the baseball team, and play the violin, all while presenting a well-behaved face to the world that will reflect well on his family.

Isa himself was something of a loner by nature, and didn't really crave affection from his parents. He easily took it as a given that his relationship with his parents and with authority in general was one of negotiation rather than affection; if he fulfilled his parents' expectations, they would leave him alone to do as he wished. And, on the other side of the coin, if he received what he asked for from his parents, then he would continue to do what they asked of him. Luckily for both parties, Isa was already inclined to do well for his own sense of pride; unluckily, this arrangement turned pride into perfectionism and a stubborn refusal to admit to or accept personal failure.

Isa met Lea in the third grade, and while initially he was disinterested in friendship with the overenthusiastic redhead, Lea made himself so much a presence that Isa eventually got used to him. Lea was the first person to really dole affection on Isa, which took him a while to adapt to as he wasn't used to it, but this cemented Lea's place as the most important person to Isa emotionally. Isa's parents disliked him as being beneath their child, but Lea was the one point on which Isa absolutely would not move; as long as he was allowed to keep hanging around with Lea, Isa would continue to do as was expected of him, but if they tried to cut him off Isa would go on immediate academic strike. It wasn't worth the effort, so his parents accepted this bargain.

Also of note, as a tenth birthday present, Isa's parents gave him a Cocker spaniel puppy, to "teach him responsibility." Luckily for them (and the puppy) he was already extremely responsible for a ten-year-old, and being the one responsible for taking care of the puppy made it impossible for Isa to not bond with him. The dog's name (Buddy) became extremely apt, giving Isa affection of the unconditional sort that he wasn't getting elsewhere. The dog was important enough to Isa that even ten years after losing his heart, Saix is still willing to make concessions based on his remembered fondness for dogs.

His childhood and distant parents bred a tendency for emotional repression into Isa at a young age. He is very good at doing what's expected of him and performing well at his tasks no matter what he thinks of the person giving the orders. Isa was required to not embarrass his family, so he developed a dry, sarcastic wit and a deadpan poker face in response. Lea encouraged him to do more indulging his natural curiosity and was a "bad influence" in getting Isa to cut a little loose and relax, and to do things he maybe wasn't supposed to as long as his parents didn't find out about it. These are traits that he still retains as Saix; doing well for Xemnas despite loathing him, and sneaking around behind Xemnas's back doing things he isn't supposed to with Axel. Unfortunately, he also retains the emotional repression, which absolutely shoots him in the foot and sets him up as a prime candidate for Norting.
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